New Tools For Mystery Entertainers

Hey Fun Seekers! I have released new products in the Mystery Shop (go to the shop page and scroll to the bottom). Here is the trailer I created for Kodama.

Currently I'm preparing for tonight's weekly Mindscape close up show, and gearing up for some big events in the coming weeks and month. As well as preparing for the biggest event of my life. Comment below...first person to correctly guess what the biggest event is gets a free Gnostic deck.



New product and more

Hello fellow curious individuals,

Welcome to the updated Stuart Palm site. Or as it is now called. Curiosity entertainment. We plan to jump into more frequent blogging and vlogging, so check here for that.

We are Also am releasing a few products on the new shop page, the first one, Mao Tou Knows, is there already and we are very happy with it. We are also in the midst of redesigning the site. Most if those changes have already been made. A few new ones are in development, such as a forum for the shop and updated photographs and design elements. Let us know what you think of the new cream color as opposed to the old dark grey.

I will switch gears now to the first person and update you on the life of Stuart Palm. Which is me. Which you already knew. The next couple of projects I have coming are a book of effects and variations I have come up with over the years. As you develop as a performer there are many great routines that go by the way side because the program changes, or the character changes, so I am including these routines in my next release. There will also be some of the work from my current show.

I am also involved in a much longer project of designing a Tarot deck, you can see that on my facebook page or second YouTube channel:

Right now I am enjoying a caramel cappuccino, having a coffee zen moment. It is quite relaxing and good for thinking

All my best to you and yours!

Stuart Palm