New Tools For Mystery Entertainers

Hey Fun Seekers! I have released new products in the Mystery Shop (go to the shop page and scroll to the bottom). Here is the trailer I created for Kodama.

Currently I'm preparing for tonight's weekly Mindscape close up show, and gearing up for some big events in the coming weeks and month. As well as preparing for the biggest event of my life. Comment below...first person to correctly guess what the biggest event is gets a free Gnostic deck.



Avengers in Hong Kong

Hey funseekers! 
Summer is here by evidence of blockbuster superhero movies, April showers, and the sticky hotness of Hong Kong humidity.

Last Friday night I want with a group of friends to see The Avengers. And...I'll probably see it a second time. It had great punch in terms of effects and experiential quality but it also had impressive character development. I was a little worried that having that many superheroes together in one flick would ruin the storytelling, but happily found no problems. It was a great mix of action and adventure, epic heroes, drama and an impressive amount of comedy; both cheesy and witty but completely self aware. I can get both very excited and very disappointed in movies. Little things, such as the effects in X-men first class, can ruin it for me. Happily with this film, I was the most excited of my group of friends. I was surprised to find out today that we had an early showing here in HK. Usually we get most movies after everyone else. I hope they do the same thing for the next Batman! 

The buzz I keep hearing about The Avengers is that they are hoping it can surpass the sales of the best Harry Potter films. While I loved The Avengers movie, I just don't believe The Avengers as a franchise has the built in audience for that kind of draw. I'm curious to see what happens. Let me know your thoughts below...


It's a comic inspired week for me. I also watched the new Comi-con movie: Comic con, episode IV, a fans hope last week on iTunes. I loved it! I have never been to comic con, but some day now I want to go. The film is a great exploration of an impressive phenomenon, and gives respect to the world it exists in. I also loved the old documentary "Trekkies" which explored the world of star trek conventions, however, that film focused a lot more on how odd the people involved truly are.

 If nothing else the still above from the collection of women dressed as Star Wars slave girls should be inspiration to check this documentary out.

If you have the time I recommend checking out both The Avengers and Comic Con the movie.