E17-Dean Radin Phd-Real Magic-Sigils-Pendulum Magic-Clairvoyance-Psi

Stuart Palm introduces his new book: Access Your Psychic Self - Volume One - Beginner Pendulum Magic. Stuart then talks a bit about changes in the show format and introduces the conversation between himself and Dean Radin.

Stuart and Dean Radin discus Dean's new book 'Real Magic' and Psi. This discussion goes into what can be done with psi, how to keep ones mind focused on gratitude, what real magic is, and Dean's new studies.

This is one of Stuart's favourite episodes so far. Thank you for listening. Please leave a comment below.

real magic book cover.jpeg

E13, Richard Wickes, Remote Viewing, Wickes Way, Universal Love, Everything is energy, pain reduction, and more

In this episode Stuart interviews Richard Wickes, Naturopath, Kung Fu Grandmaster, and Taiji master. They talk about Remote Viewing, Psi, and his Wickes Way, a process of pain reduction. Below you will find a video of Richard discussing healing and a video of his performance of Kung Fu. For more info about Rickard Wickes way go to his site by clicking here.

Hung Fung Richard Wickes Sifu performs Lau Gar Kuen in Kowloon Park for the new year.

E12, Richard Webster, Divination, The Creative Process, Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui, Huna, and more

The long awaited episode 12 with Richard Webster. Sorry I've taken so long to get this out, but the coming episodes will get here faster as I have a few in the can already. 

If you study the art of mentalism, or hypnosis, or esoteric topics from palm reading to feng shui, Richard Webster is a guy to look into. His writing is well thought out and easy to follow. You can find his work in most places that sell books. Enjoy!

E11, James Mapes, past life regression, quantum thinking, your amazing imagination, and more

I had a great time speaking with James Mapes. Check out more of his work below. You can also get his book "Quantum Leap Thinking" on Amazon and other book stores. He's an inspiring guy full of great ideas. His key focus is on the imagination and living and exceptional life. Enjoy!


James has a wealth of information online in terms of websites and videos. Just search his name and explore, you'll be happy you did. 

E9, Anthony Jacquin, What is Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, the illusion of free will and more

It is a great pleasure to have Anthony Jacquin on Mysterious World. Anthony is well known in the worlds of Hypnosis and Mentalism. He is one of the leaders on the forefront of hypnotic exploration. I highly recomend researching his work and studying with him if you are following that path. Even if it's not something that you are going to study it is still a great conversation. I look forward to having Anthony on again in the future.

E7-Bob Cassidy, Master Mind Reader, Psi, Telepathy, CSICOPS, Six Degrees of Separation, Skeptic Evangelists, and more

Lucky Episode Seven involves an interview with Bob Cassidy, Master Mind Reader. Bob is a mentor of mine and a well of knowledge of Psi (psychical research and phenomenon. He is also a legend and star in the field of mentalism. Along with winning numerous awards for his performances he was a founding member of the P.E.A. (Psychic Entertainers Association.)

I have posted some clips of his below which you can find on his youtube page, just search for Master Mind Reader. 

Mystery of the Week, Five Year old Ramses is "tested" to be telepathic. Is it true or just a very smart child who is doing similar work to "Clever Hans"?

The Clever Hans story.