Flying Moustaches

Hey fun seekers!

I'm sitting in Starbucks again, this time in causeway bay, the "times square" area of Hong Kong. I end up at Starbucks these days for two reasons. One is the wifi for my iPad, the other is because I can charge my phone... Oh yeah, and they don't seem to mind if you buy a coffee and sit and write all afternoon, or take a nap, there are always a surprising number of people napping in Starbucks here. Not like in New York where they would be homeless and smelly. These are napping professionals. So many Honkies seem to sleep during lunch time.

Someone posted the picture of spider man and the flying moustaches on on Facebook and I thought it was too good not to repost. 
I think I might make that concept into a t-shirt, minus the spiderman. I'll let you know...

Also posted by my good friend Michael Saab was this Fabulous Andy Warhol quote.

I believe this is true of every art form, and also a big problem for me. I think to much! I corner myself by considering too many angles of a project and over-thinking things. The old rule of K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid!) is more and more important to me every day. Any time I am working on a new routine or a design I am constantly reminding myself to simplify simplify simplify. And at the same time, just to get it done! I think the Nike campaign for "just do it" was the most helpful add campaign ever. My father always celebrated it. It is those two concepts: K.I.S.S. and Just do It that I would recommend considering each and every time you work on a new project. Each and every time you create anything!

I hope you are out there creating something. Don't let your identity be as a consumer!
Especially you America!