Mammoths at the Mall

Hey fun seekers!

It's labor day here in the fragrant harbour. I'm at the IFC mall (better known as the Batman building to Hong Kong outsiders) and writing leisurely at the Starbucks...I think Starbucks coffee is better here than in the U.S. Although today I'm having a green tea frappuccino...and I now feel that much more metrosexual to have written that. Green tea and black sesame are my two new favourite flavours. But that's all besides the point, if I have one of those.

*I took this photo on the roof of the IFC mall, where on public holidays all the Phillipino help is congragated playing cards, hanging out, and dancing.

Christine and I ended up here (IFC) today because she read that Lyuba the baby Mammoth (that's an oxymoron if there ever was one) was here on exhibit. Lyuba is a preserved baby woolly mammoth that lived about 40,000 years ago and was discovered in the Russian Arctic. She apparently was stuck in the mud and suffocated. I learned this from an impressive cgi video at the exhibit. We stood there marvelling at the cgi's attention to detail, the mammoth hair was particularly impressive. The video depicted Lyuba with her mother, it talked of the baby mammoths dependance on her mother and showed her nursing. The next scene depicted the herd walking away into a sunset, and as they stroll away Lyuba gets stuck in the mud...and her mother just keeps walking? Was she deaf? Seemed like a hypothesis that was not quite fleshed out to me! Other than the comical nature if this video, the exhibit had a lot to take in, and was quite packed, i didn't get the chance to watch the other videos, but did enjoy all the wide eyes if the gathered children. I could't help but wonder if the mall had taken advantage of the numbers if kids that were coming to this exhibit by having extra family themed sales or anything if that sort. Where is the kiosk with Lyuba t-shirts and mammoth slippers? Where can i get my Lyuba Iphone cover? I guess I am a true American...or have I just been in Hong Kong too long?


I love that the malls in Hong Kong have exhibits of this magnitude, and it's also funny to Christine and I that this exhibit is here at the IFC mall as its first stop in Asia. It's a great exhibit, although small, and a bit crammed into the Atrium. If you are a fan of such things as natural history museums then this exhibit is for you, look for it near you as it is traveling the world.

Enjoy your labor day wherever and whenever that may be...