Rainy Friday

Hey Fun Seekers,

It's a relaxing rainy Friday here in Hong Kong. I am having a bite of lunch and then heading home for a much needed nap! I was up till around three last night and had to leave home at eight to go teach this morning, I'm running on fumes as my mother would say. Last night was FABBAS (not sure what it stands for) which is a charity event put on by all the banks. They raised over a million US last night. I was there for the after party as entertainment. They were a great crowd. It was funny, people were extra chatty last night, I got a few life stories as I was roving the crowds and performing. I don't know why but people love to share their stories with me, perhaps it's from my days as a bartender.

Thursday I had a great night trying out a new routine during the open mic at the Hong Kong Brew House. There is a weekly comedy open mic every Wednesday. I'm no comedian, but it works to mix things up a bit when I can make it. I'm working out a new prediction based routine involving a game show story, and it went better than I anticipated for a first run. It's going to be a weekend of childrens shows, and I hope the rain stays to a minimum. It's nice for today to cool things off...

During the open mic on Thursday I met a Graham Hughes who is traveling to every country in the world, I believe he only has three or four left before he has been to them all. This would be a feat in itself, but he is also doing this without any air travel. He is a charming and impressive, slightly geeky guy; we would be fast friends. Check out his work at his website: http://theodysseyexpedition.com/

Have a great weekend, world!