Bearded Lady #2 and Moustache!

Hey Fun-seekers!

As the Twin Peaks giant said: "It's happening again."

The giant was a supernatural messenger letting Agent Cooper know another murder was a-foot, (I loved that show!), my message marks the second arrival of Hong Kong's new bohemian mascot, The Bearded Lady!

*Danny DePoe cruning and dancing with a guest. 

Next Thursday, the 24th of May at 9:30 PM, Salon #10 will again shake and shimmy with excitement, amazement and wonder as "The Bearded Lady" makes her second appearance. This event has a limited guest list and is by invitation only, sorry folks. I'll try and get an invitation to whom I can, but if you don't get an invite this time, know that it is a monthly event and it's only going to grow. I'm very excited to be a part of it again. This time we are doing a 1940's Carribean theme. Think Carmen Maranda in a Busby Berkley film.

*Paola at The Bearded Lady #1,  she doesn't need a new outfit!

The evening will be full of the fantastic. From magic and burlesque to knock your socks off live music all arranged in 1940's island style, this night will be an experience people will not stop talking about (at least untill the next one.)

In other news...

I'm meeting today with Robert Rogers to work on writing a new illusion show we have in the works. It will be nice to be able to give people a time and place to see it the next time they ask if I can saw a lady in half for them (I get asked that question every two days or so).


Also, I have a new suit being created by Moustache! If you are in Hong Kong and want the best possible suit made, this is where you do it. I have had other tailors make me clothing, but never have I found comparable service and style as I have found with Moustache. You may think I am a bit biased as I am working with them on the Bearded Lady, and you may be right, but it doesn't matter. Their clothing is to die for. And if you have a special look or the need for things like extra pockets (as every magician does) then you can't do better than Moustache. They not only have achieved the look I am going for, but they have done better. It's one thing to have a tailor who will make the thing you think you want. It's another to find one who will make something better than what you could conceive of. And if your not up for a bespoke suit, just stop by their shop, it's a great place and they do have a collection of ready made and ready to wear products.

*Ellis Hard at Work.


*Ellis and Alex of Moustache

That's all for now, I'll be posting again soon to talk about the HK art fair, great pie and new watering holes.


*Quinary, a new bar on Hollywood Road. (more on this later.)

All the best,