My way home from Ninja

Dear Internet,

I'm sorry it has been a spell since my last entry. I am back in New York for the time being. However I am very eager to get back to hong kong. I am waiting for my train after performing magic at the restaurant Ninja New York. It is cold and raining outside my clothing is damp and there are no other people here waiting. I watch as the second train travels by going the opposite direction. So I decided a blog entry would fill the time nicely. I plan to post more photos and info on the Hong Kong visit and on getting engaged, yup, if you didn't know, now you know. I am eagerly holding the ropes ready to tie the knot, and I couldn't be more in love. It really is the best feeling to be in love. I never want to lose it.

This blog has proven to be quite a place of my rambling. Sorry about that to those whose patience is thin. But then again they probably wouldn't be reading this. I had a salad "Asian chicken salad," at Ward III after work. I love that adding sesame oranges and fried noodles to a salad makes it the Asian salad. It seems pretty much the same everywhere. Except I didn't spot it in Asia. The waitress at Ward III introduced me to some of her friends and I was roped into performing a bit. Didn't mind, except for being tired. (Ahh train is here. Empty. I love the odd times NY gets ghostly. ) after some three card Monte I chatted with a computer guy who had fun riddles. Here are a few:

1 Suppose you run a candy shop and you receive three packages. But you are told that all three boxes are mislabeled. One is labeled mint one is labeled anise and the third is labeled mix anise/mint. You find that all the candy looks the same. How many candies do you need to taste to reelable the packages correctly?

2 You want to correctly measure gouty five minutes of time. But your only measuring tools available are two light-able fuses and a lighter. You know the fuses will each light for one hour. But you also know that the burn at intermittent rates. You can also light the fuses at different points and put them out if needed. How do you measure forty five minutes?

And finally:

3. There is a fox who would like to eat a duck. The duck is in a circular pond and can't fly away without reaching land first. The fox can run four times the duck's swimming speed. Is it possible for the duck to escape?

I hope someone finds that fun. If you do.....please fill in the comments below with your solutions.
After these riddles and problems somehow the memorization of pi was brought to topic. These were definitely super geeks. But I must include myself in that realm. Because at one point I memorized 33 didgets of pi. Let me see if I can do it here:


That last zero might be a six. I'll check it later. is a zero.

Just changed to train two. Above ground and two people on this one. The rain beats down on it's metal roof. It is a comfortable sound. I'll be getting off now soon. I wish everyone love and happiness.