Going to Macau this weekend

Dear Internet,

Having a Fabulous time in Hong Kong. Since my last post I have been visiting with many different people to make connections and set up shop in this city. On Sunday I attended Christine's Grandparents 62nd anniversary. This event was held at the Shanghainese club and consisted of dinner and drinks.
There was some very pushy toasting from the older folks "bottoms up bottoms up" the lady who circled around with a bottle of whisky toasting everyone would say. The night ended with the whole group singing songs I could only understand as classics.

I met with the seemingly most well known local magician Sean Mcfarlane on Tuesday. We became quick friends. Sharing ideas of performance and business. It is good to know I will find an inspiring and knowledgeable community here, as well as there being enough work to go around. Dinner Tuesday was with Christine's parents and some of their associates at a private kitchen. The food was an intriguing mix of American and Asian. Things like creamed corn with prawns and fish eggs.
Took it easy yesterday. I was having these earache-headaches all week so, seem to have subsided today. The pharmacist said they were most likely pollution related. One of the drawbacks to Hong Kong. Met Christine for lunch near her office. Had a Japanese teriyaki burger. And we had a Japanese dinner last night. It was very good. We had Ramen with soft boned meat. You could eat the bone as if it was made of thick pasta. After we had some crazy Taiwanese dissert that I think was called ice flakes. It was a mixture somewhere between shaved ice and ice-cream. And covered with chocolate and sprinkles and "magic beans," which were mango flavored and popped in your mouth like fish eggs. I am going back for another before I leave. This is what we are eating in the picture.

Tomorrow Christine and I are going to a birthday dinner where I will ben performing some. And this weekend MACAU!

I am very excited about seeing Macau. Looks like an amazing island city. I'll most likely have the next post on that time.