Dear Internet,

It is Monday, the week after my birthday. I'm 31 now........ time does go by. But I must say that the last two years, have been great ones.

I''m currently working on learning Chinese Brush Painting, it is great to pick up a new skill in my arsenal of painting technique. Some may not know that read this, my background is in visual art. I have a degree in Painting, and still spend a good amount of time drawing and painting. I just recently completed an illustrated Childrens book which was written by my good friend Adam Cardone. The title is "The Haunted House Magic Show," check out below for a few images from the book. I will also post some of my ink paintings once I have some worth showing.

In other news, I am visiting San Fransisco for the first time next month with Christine. I have always wanted to visit that city. I will always enjoy traveling.

Look for more updates soon.