Greetings and Salutations,

A Happy New Year to all, I will begin my new year with the resolution to keep more up to date contact with my clients and friends. Starting with this Blog!

Tonight is a blue moon. For those who don't know, a blue moon is when a full moon occurs a second time in a month, which is extremely rare, hence the phrase, "once in a blue moon."
It is also a good omen. That it is happening on the new year I will take as a very good omen. So let us all smile at the prospects for the year to come.

For those who need a little more magic in their lives, Come and see me perform close up magic this coming Monday at Monday Night Magic.
Should be a great night so get tickets early!

Let me update one and all on future plans. I am currently working for an extended stay in Asia, more specifically Hong Kong. I don't currently have a set departure date, but I greatly anticipate the relocation. I love to travel and I love to learn about new cultures and immerse myself in new experience.

Life is an amazing experience and one should not lose track of the beauty and mystery that exists all around. I have been seeing a great deal of cynicism and apathy in our current culture. The concept of "cool" in most genres seems caught up in not caring. I hope we can all try and drive away from this notion. Lets bring back sharing and togetherness. Lets bring back a love of the world, of nature, and of all people. These are things I hope all people can focus on more in times to come.

All the best,