E7-Bob Cassidy, Master Mind Reader, Psi, Telepathy, CSICOPS, Six Degrees of Separation, Skeptic Evangelists, and more

Lucky Episode Seven involves an interview with Bob Cassidy, Master Mind Reader. Bob is a mentor of mine and a well of knowledge of Psi (psychical research and phenomenon. He is also a legend and star in the field of mentalism. Along with winning numerous awards for his performances he was a founding member of the P.E.A. (Psychic Entertainers Association.)

I have posted some clips of his below which you can find on his youtube page, just search for Master Mind Reader. 

Mystery of the Week, Five Year old Ramses is "tested" to be telepathic. Is it true or just a very smart child who is doing similar work to "Clever Hans"?

The Clever Hans story.