Harness the power of the Super Blood Moon tonight!

Tonight is a rare night indeed as it will be a full moon, a Blue moon, a Super Moon (when the moon is closest to the earth) and a lunar eclipse. Tonight’s moon is so rare that it only happens around once every hundred years. In Hong Kong the visible eclipse starts around now 6:30 will be the most visible around 9:30 and go on till the early morning. (According to the HK observatory). Chances are this will be the only time in your life to focus and harnes this particular energy. Join me at EO tonight to take advantage of this rare event!

What to do? This moon creates a strong energy for transformation and manifesting the future you want. Take a moment to go outside and see the moon, meditate and get outside your ego. At some point tonight focus on the future you want to create or manifest for yourself. Make a list, create a vision board, be specific. Have a ritual for goals, and create a sigil. (If you see me at Employees Only I’ll help make you one). If you have a habit you want to break tonight is a good time to make that change. Use this cosmic moment to make a complete change on whatever transformation you have been putting off. 

Tonight is also a good night to remember your ancestors and ask them for guidence. Synchronicity will be strong, so it’s a great time to work with a divinatory system such as tarot cards or the I Ching. Come see me at Employees Only Hong Kong tonight and I will help you focus this amazing energy. 

For even more info on the subject of tonight’s moon check out this Daily Mail article and interview with the author of the book “Moon Magic” Diane Ahlquist.