I am seeing this everywhere today. To begin with I think it's great to see so many people supporting equality, liberty and human rights.

I thought I would be devils advocate for a second because this pink on white image is intriguing.

The basic message is equality.

As an American I was brought up into a Christian society with the idea, "all men are created equal", written into the documents that formed the country. But then I went through and education system that put some of us in a "gifted" program and others into programs to help their "learning disability" and still others labeled "special."

If you are not Christian the notion of all people being created equal comes into debate. While I believe it would be nice for everyone to have the same opportunity to progress in whichever direction they choose, I'm not sure it's possible. There are so many reasons that we are not equal, from stature to intellect to talent, to the economic class we were born into.

There are also many benefits to having diversity in a society. We need people that are better at different things.

I do believe in giving everyone equal respect. Keep in mind that there are cultures where it is not socially the norm to do this. Cultures where there is a definite sense of classes and more respect is given to the elders and the higher class of a given group.

So, Internet, I have two questions for you. Please answer as Humans, not as your nationality, social/economic class, race, religion, or sexual preference.
1. How are we all equal?
2. How should we be equal?