The Bearded Lady

Last night was the first of hopefully many of the new event "The Bearded Lady". What a great night. I arrived around nine o'clock for this event which was presented by Moustache and Stiibu at Salon No10 in Hong Kong. The idea behind the night is to create a monthly event where creative people in HK can gather and exchange ideas and hang out in an atmosphere of inspiration. The night was a great success on that front. When I walked in the door I immediately smiled because everyone who had arrived early was in some form of period dress. The period featured was 1931 Germany. The night was full of fun, there were a few bands, (I'll need to find out the names and post them later), a burlesque act, and I provided my brand of mentalism. The photos I'm posting here should give a good take on how much fun was had by all. I can't wait for the next one!