Midsummer Magic

Dear Internet,

I had a great show last night in Hastings on Hudson, Westchester, NY at Midsummer Magic. http://www.rivertownsguide.com/fnl

Thanks go out to Vanishing Vinny for setting up the festival.  The night started as a street festival where Seven performers set up or roved the street and performed for the crowd, I ended up with a kids crowd for this part, I'm glad I was prepared with Pabu!

  Then at 7:30 we all got together on a stepped platform where there was a tent with a sound system and performed the formal show.  First was Jim Krooner who ate some fire. After which a dance group, the Donofrio Dance Company showed there stuff.   Third up was Chris Ruggiero Performed a fantastic Juggling and Unicycle act.  Third on the bill was Patrick Terry who predicted a mans actions with a magazine.  I performed next, entertaining the crowd with the amazing Spiral Illusion and my blindfolded second sight act.  (I know somone has some photos, please send them my way if you do.) And the show ended with Vinny, who grew up at the magic shop on that street.  Vanishing Vinny showed his home town what what a great magic show can be.  It was beautiful to see the happy faces and amazed reactions of Hastings.  It was also great to see a town take its Friday night away from Televison and Movies and give its all to a magic and variety show.

I wish the world well.