What Stuart did with the letters in my mind, that was unbelievable!
— Alicia Keys
I have worked with Stuart on a number of projects, presentations and events over a period of several years. His creativity, professionalism and unusual yet marvelous approach to captivate a crowd have left his audiences truly amazed.

Stuart is a marvelous presenter extrodinaire.
— Erik Andersson, Hendrick's Gin, Brand Ambassador to Asia
I saw Stuart perform one night in Hong Kong and instantly knew he was the perfect mystery guest for my wife’s 40th birthday.
We had Stuart set up in a separate room and just told some of our guests something was going on in there, without being specific. During the evening almost everybody had a peek and man did he nail it!!!
Stuart is witty, mysterious, captivating and his skills blew us away. Best gig in town!
— Steven Zwaan, Liger Capital Management
Stuart’s arts background and profound knowledge of magic, make him an aesthetic performer with a great sense of humor. He also is a good teacher, having taught boys the basics, brought out their secret showmen, and given them both science and a good time. He is an elegant individual with the polish to make sophistication fun.
— Susan Weinstein, Public Relations Specialist
Stuart has a presence that easily captures the audience attention. I have seen him work at various corporate functions and he never fails to deliver, drawing the crowd in and always leaving them in a state of awe and wonder. I would highly recommend him for any function as he always leaves the crowd happy and wanting more.
— Di White, Brand Director at AND Asia Ltd
Stuart is witty, creative and intriguing, our guest always love his professional approach. We have utilzed Stuarts services on several occasions and the response to his work is excellent. I have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone...
— Warwick Jones, Director/Owner at Flutes Cocktail Bar Hong Kong
Stuart Palm added another dimension to our company’s anniversary party, keeping the crowds mesmerized with his feats of mindreading. I received many post party notes of thanks all mentioning how amazed they were by Stuart’s show.

The “Secret” Mystery show within a party is a great concept allowing for small groups to participate first hand in the performances while the noisier crowds part on elsewhere.

I highly Recommend Stuart to make your party a major notch above the average cocktail party. We all look forward to seeing him perform again soon!
— J Lee Rofkind, AIA, LEED AP, HKIDA, Principal
I wanted to thank you for Friday night – it was a great success and everyone really enjoyed the show...you have some kind of amazing “super power”!

I will recommend you to anyone in my network interested in having a special guest for a party – I think you were fantastic.
— Alice Bloud (Global HR Manager, Eclipse Trading)
Stuart’s performance adds charm and character (to an event). His ability to work the room and pick the right personailties to bring to life is exceptional. Stuart has become a welcome addition to our very exclusive events at Miele!
— Carsten Nittke, Managing Director, Miele, (HK) Ltd
Stuart’s magic is amazing, highly professional and emotional. We truly enjoyed his show and are looking for more!
— Marc Gobe, Designer and Author of Emotional Branding
You really stumped me, I have no idea how you did that! That was an amazing show!
— Peter Swiderski Mayor, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
I wish I could do that in the real world! ....It looks like CGI!
— Nick Davis, Visual Effects Supervisor for Batman "The Dark Knight"
Great Magic!
— Hugh, Jackman Actor
Stuart was recommended by a friend for my senior executive meeting as entertainment. The planning was quick and easy, with Stuart massaging a few sketches to fit our company and the theme of the meeting. Given fourteen very diverse characters it was amazing how the evening went- even the sceptics had to admit they were baffled...Next morning there was still a buzz and a great team spirit from sharing a great night out.
— Ashley Micklewright, President and CEO, Bluebell (Asia) Ltd.
Outstanding performance from a true professional. I hired Stuart to perform at a creative workshop for my agency - time pressured, and under the scrutiny of difficult clients and surly creative people. Our challenge was to help corporates types understand the wonder of childhood play and clown like humour. A very specific brief, but one Stuart effortlessly tailored to my needs. He was interested in the audience, who to manage, and was very collaborative in how he designed his set and was able to adapt to changing needs. Very impressive
— Andrew Ho, Managing Director at FACE
I have engaged Stuart Palm to perform after seeing him perform on (off) Broadway many times and my only wish is that he would make it to Europe with his amazing show! The experiences created in Stuart’s show are truly mind boggling. It is amazing to see someone reveal information there is No way he could know! A good friend of mine joined me at one of my shows and Stuart started talking about a childhood friend of hers in Germany, and he had never met her before! HOW DOES HE DO IT!!
I look forward to hiring Mr Stuart Palm on my travels through Asia.
He will keep you on the edge of your seat. Children and adults found his show equally entertaining.
— Klaus Peter Finke-Härkönen, Director Global Business Solutions
This game is crazy! (three card monte), you think you know where (the card) is, and then you’re wrong again
— Jeremy Sisto, Actor