Thank you for your interest in Tearrified!

Tearrified is an instant download containing Stuart Palm's handling for his instant CTs, the "Palm Tear" the "Bottom Palm Tear", as well as two handlings from his colleague Anthony Leung; the "Leung Tear" and "Delayed Instant Tear". We also include a bonus delayed read using flash paper we are calling "Trogdor".  Tearrified contains five solid methods that are used in different routines as well as many notes on performance and justification for the tear.

You will receive 30 minutes of video tutorial instruction as well as an hour long Q & A discussion on using the these or any methods you may already know.  The Q & A contains the handling concept of both Stuart and Anthony involving fear and their thinking on how to use a tear to erase a thought.

We are very happy to make this release available!  You can also purchase Tearrified on Penguin Magic.


USD $24.95