The Kodama Pad

A link will be supplied soon for the Kodama Pad by Matt Pulsar and Luca Volpe Productions, for the time being you can purchase it from Murphy's Magic or your favourite supplier.


A Kodama is a Japanese tree spirit who protects and heals nature and the forests.  Stuart chose the name Kodama as a reference to the usual "Imp Pad" name, and the idea that hidden spirits can send messages.  

The Kodama Pad is a simple and reliable impression device.  Its small enough to fit in your breast pocket, simple to reset, and very well hidden almost in plain sight.

This purchase includes an instruction video download and a Kodama Pad, everything you need to make it up, and one extra pad mailed to your door.  If you eventually need more pads, contact us directly and we can arrange a discount on follow up purchases.  This is the primary impression device used by Stuart Palm.