"Chocolate Magic" with "Twins"!

I was in a few of the Hong Kong daily papers this week for performing at a press event with Canto Pop group "Twins". The event was to promote their new album, the Harbour City walk of chocolate, and a blood drive. (as far as I could understand as everything was done in Cantonese.) I am shown here handing them chocolate roses which just appeared from a flash of fire.

I'm sure the title of this post elicits many different imagined story lines. I laughed to myself on the possibilities of what an event called "chocolate magic" could entail. Most of the story lines that come to mind however would make little sense to the intended audience of this event. I imagine a New Orleans VooDoo priest with class and style, incense and Jazz music. Something very un PC and next to impossible to pull off un the US.


It was a fascinating experience to be involved with a pop groups press event. The screaming teeny bopper crowd was quite impressive. I wish I had understood what the MC was saying. Time to take some Cantonese lessons.