Sleep please come back

Hello my curious friends. Awoke a bit ago and can't seem to get back to slumber land. I hope I get a few more hours before I can call this today. The funny part is that I thought writing would help me become sleepy again, but now I am having trouble figuring out what to write about.

Last night before bed I watched Lady Gaga on her Google interview, and I was very inspired. All creative people should watch this. She is very positive and direct and honest and just makes you want to go do stuff. Maby that's why I am awake. Hmm, oh brain of mine, why won't you just cooperate. My favorite quote from her interview, which I think she said was advice she received, was something to the tune of "You must cast shadows to stand in the light". I'm probably mixing up the words a bit, but the message is the same. I'll check on that later.

She has such a great view on life and is such an amazing self promoter. The google people come off as a bit boobish, not as individuals but as a group. No point in tAlking about that. Oh words gettin jumbly. feeling sleepy again, birds are chirping out me window. Time foe shut eye. I'll see you back here next time.