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It's getting cool again in Hong Kong, which is nice. I'm not quite ready for the heat to hit yet. Off to get my hair cut which is a bit over due. Performing tonight at the jocky club club house as all the companies gear up for the Rugby Sevens. The Sevens is probably Hong Kong's biggest sports event. After the Sevens is the Dragon Boat race. The nice part about both events for me is how foreign they are. Rugby is much like American Football in many ways, and not in just as many. The cool part is that the teams are multi national. That is what American sports need. More competition with other nations. Thus would open Americans up to learning more about different cultures, and realizing that there is a whole world out there they can learn from. It seems to me that most Americans don't understand that many other cultures are ahead of them in some ways.
And that by studying this they could grow both culturally and economically.