Hong Kong Hong Kong

Dear Internet,
It is a Friday afternoon in Hong Kong. Light rain, comfortable weather. I am at a gigantic mall in Kowloon. At a Vietnamese restraunt called Rice Paper. Great Food. Best company. Christine is now off her phone and looking at me with the "what are you doing on your phone?" stare.

Hello again. It is now Saturday afternoon. Just picked up a cheap cell phone for hong kong calls. Christine and I are booking the fancy lazy boy style chair that shake during explosion movie theatre to see Clash of the Titans tomorrow. We are hanging out for a bit in the common room of the apt/hotel I am staying at. Had a great night last night. We saw Imogen Heap at a very odd venue, an Italian restaurant. I don't think they knew what they were doing. The show ran over three hours and was packed. She was fantastic none the less. All and all great times.
More to come.