Where to see Stuart Palm.

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone's holiday celebrations are going well. I have been very busy working parties from Holiday parties at peoples homes and offices; to the toys for tots program; to the Dewars 75th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition, (or Repeal Day,) at the Box Theater. If you saw me at any of these such events, thanks for making it to the blog page.

There are a few ways you can see me again, First there is booking me for your own event, which simply involves giving me a call or emailing me, easy to contact through:


See Stuart Palm's Hall of Mystery!
March 28th at 7:00 PM
in the Grand Lodge Room
at the Masonic Hall.
Check out all the info HERE

I will post any public stage shows here in the future.

To catch me performing close up most weeks in the New York area check out the restaurants
"Ninja New York," and "The Melting Pot."

Ninja is a Japanese restaurant with a Ninja theme, the staff all are dressed as Ninjas and the food has some crazy presentations such as smoking or lighting on fire. This restaurant was modeled to look like a Japanese mountain village, with a boardwalk and small private rooms. It is a crazy experience.
I perform there most Tuesdays, but you can also find me there on a Saturday or Sunday depending on the week, so call ahead and check if I am scheduled if you want to pop by on the weekend.

On Fridays you can Catch me at "The Melting Pot," in Darien Connecticut. The Melting Pot is a Fondue restaurant. Darien is not far from New York City and easy to get to by Train (metro north) or car. I am there from Seven to Ten, call ahead and check to make sure I will be there, and let them know you are coming to see me. This is a best bet for close up performance, lots of fun and great food.

If you go to any of these places make sure and tell the management, or the staff that you came to see Stuart Palm.

More to come...
My best to all,
Happy Solstice,
Stuart Palm