New Tools For Mystery Entertainers

Hey Fun Seekers! I have released new products in the Mystery Shop (go to the shop page and scroll to the bottom). Here is the trailer I created for Kodama.

Currently I'm preparing for tonight's weekly Mindscape close up show, and gearing up for some big events in the coming weeks and month. As well as preparing for the biggest event of my life. Comment below...first person to correctly guess what the biggest event is gets a free Gnostic deck.



Free Playing Cards!

Four ways to win decks below!

Follow @stuartpalm on twitter for the chance to win free decks of Gnostics. For a limited time, every 50th follower will receive free decks! I was never much of a tweeter until recently, so I need to catch up to others on building this social community. Onward!

Secondly, first person to share this on twitter gets a free deck!

Also...third person to comment on this post below receives a free deck...Do it up!


Card Monkeys!... Share a video of yourself on Facebook doing something amazing with a Gnostic Deck and the best video will win four free decks! Just tag me in the video...Good luck!

Otherwise decks are available on the shop page of this site... HERE


The Gnostic Deck!

The Gnostic deck went out for printing today. This new specialty printed deck will be available for purchase around the end of February 2014.

The Gnostic deck uses imagery hand drawn, painted and designed by Stuart Palm based on imagery from his research into Gnostic and alchemical imagery. The Joker and Ace of spades images have also been individually drawn representing gods from Gnostic mythology.

The Legends Playing Card Co. has proven to create the highest quality playing cards in paper quality, inks and finish. Their first deck The Legends deck, already raised the bar on paper quality, and they have only improved their process since then. All the ink colours in this photo are approximations of the printing colors.

The box will be printed on black mat paper with a gold foil interior. The box inks are all foil pressed metallic gold, rose gold, metallic blue, and white. The two-tone gold/red and rose-gold/black cards are Pantone® spot colored using metallic gold inks. (The blue back card will be a darker blue tone than shown here.)

We look forward to providing this deck for all those with a passion for quality playing cards and an interest in exploring hidden knowledge.